No one could have predicted that the embossed Mountney logo that made the original range of steering wheels so very popular would be bought back by popular demand.

Over the years Mountney has always tried to move with the times and evolve to survive with current market trends, but now it seems that looking back to the future is the best way to re-ignite a passion for the brand.

This retrospective look at the Mountney Classic range has allowed them to realise that the buying public rather like having the brand reinforcement of the company logo at the bottom of whatever carefully chosen and lovingly stitched material it is they’ve decided to bestow upon these uniquely British wheels.

Back by popular demand, the revered M logo is both retro-focused whilst looking to the future. It leaves no doubt in anyone’s mind as to where the wheel originates from, and it can now be found on most of the12in to 17in Traditional range Mountney wheels.

It stands out particularly well on the green and beige vinyl options that are new to the range and looks uniquely classy no matter which of the Traditional three-spoke wheels people opt for.

As timeless design and iconic logos go, it’s easy to see why the public want such cool and effortlessly classy badges attached to their vehicles. As Yves Saint Laurent once famously said, “fashions come and go, but style is eternal.”

On that basis, Mountney still has plenty to look forward to as they both embrace the past and set the trend for the future.

Fitments for the Traditional range are vast as the Mountney steering wheel boss adapters cater for a huge range of classic vehicles.

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