The Sonic 7 was designed by Stuart Mills of MEV back in 2009 and later moved to Exo Sports Cars where it resided for several years.

Around 100-kits were sold before it was acquired by Equilibrium Kit Cars run by Angus and Kate Weijers in 2015.

Angus, a technical author by trade, has been working hard on making a few revisions to the package with little tweaks here and there, all things that have made a difference rather than being done merely for the sake of it.

I spent a lovely morning driving around some fine Gloucestershire roads, in warm sunshine (I readily accept sunshine, when I’ll soon be testing cars in freezing cold conditions!) and I have to say that it’s one of the sweetest cars I’ve driven this year, with the mid-mounted engine giving great balance (weight distribution is pretty spot-on at 60/40).

It handles well and the Zetec engine, although only producing around 145bhp gave lively performance. It’s quite weird but I think the car’s looks work even better on the eye than they did when it was launched, and it makes a superb alternative to a conventional-looking Lotus Seven.

The donor vehicle is humble, yet plentiful and incredibly affordable, Ford Focus Mk1.

Kits are priced at £5895 and you can choose from twelve standard RAL colours but others are available on request (you can also choose to take the body panels in white gelcoat at £5195, which is ideal if you are planning on painting the car).

Angus estimates that a budget build could feasibly be completed from around £10,000, although add £2000 and you’ll have a really fine example.

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