Latest news from 3J Driveline is that their British-designed, manufactured and built NXG limited slip differentials for Peugeot BE, ML and MA transmissions are now available exclusively through PSA specialists, Spoox Motorsport.

Spoox has been the sole supplier of 3J’s Peugeot BE crown-wheel and pinion sets and adding the latest products strengthens the two companies four-year relationship. They come with a super-strong EN24T steel endplate, the diff houses 3J’s own design ‘small-plate-pack’, which always runs with eight active surfaces, even when set up for light use, always giving maximum surface contact area during use.

Darren Spooner, MD of Spoox, said: “We’re really excited to be extending our range of 3J products and we already know that their NXG LSD will really exploit the handling characteristics of the smaller Peugeots and Citroëns and using it with great success on our own racecars.”

Dan Jones, MD of 3J Driveline explained: “This has been a great project to be involved in and it’s great to see our NXG unit being installed in a wider variety of vehicles with more to come in the future.”

The bevel and planet gear pack of the NXG has been designed to give the smoothest mesh and has the biggest and strongest tooth-profile that the transmission experts at 3J Driveline have ever been involved with and eliminates the rattle and excessive backlash that can often be found with some plate-type diffs.

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