I like the Sam’s Detailing brand and they make really good products that often smell amazing.

Here’s a great duo from them. Starting with their Liquid Wax, which has a totally and utterly glorious banana scent. I had one of those Frijj banana milkshakes (other brands are available! on the go when I cracked Sam’s Liquid Wax open and I kid you not, in my haste for a gulp of milkshake I almost downed a glug or two of the Liquid Wax, because it smelt so lovely. Best not try that at home, eh!

Anyway, smell aside, this product is a good one that brings paintwork up a treat. It’s non-abrasive and easy-on; easy-off, which we always like.

It left a quality, slick, wet-look finish that was also very silky to the touch. Top notch.

To help maintain that finish, you can use Sam’s Exterior Detailer as a ‘topper’ or use it as required between waxing sessions.

It’s a synthetic wax that is designed to work perfectly with the Liquid Wax and you’ll be left with a crazy wet look.

Both products come in 500ml bottles with Liquid Wax at £18 and Exterior Detailer at £9. Order from www.samsdetailing.co.uk ENDS.