Most of us are all too familiar with the sound of a metallic rattling coming from under a vehicle. All too often it’s the catalytic converter shield hanging off and dragging on the road.

Catalytic converters are expensive to replace so the shield is important. If your vehicle doesn’t have a CAT-shield or it is rusting away DEI offers an easy and less expensive solution, a universal-fit catalytic converter shield.

Catalytic converters get extremely hot and without a shield, a vehicle is vulnerable to oil or grease landing on the converter creating a fire risk. Parking on dry grass or leaves is another fire risk that could potentially destroy your car!

Replacing a factory or OE catalytic converter shield can be a problem since most are welded into place or have bolts that hold the shield in situ and often those bolts are rusty and difficult to remove.

DEI provides a simple and easy to install alternative and their universal catalytic converter shields can be formed to the contour of catalytic converters and the shield is held in place by the use of two 34in worm-drive style clamps. It’s that easy.

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