Here’s a cracking product, a sealant with a difference.

A sealant should be applied to your paintwork after you’ve washed, clayed and thoroughly decontaminated the body and it should ideally be applied before a coat of wax. However, if you are doing an in-between clean some of them have decent levels of gloss and so can be used a standalone product, such as Glass Canopy Liquid Sealant, by Infinity Wax.

If you do use a wax over a decent sealant, however, the results can be spectacular and you could feasibly get paint protection that lasts up to a year. This one, blended by Infinity’s guru of such matters, Michael Cipriani, literally goes to work as soon as it hits the paint.

You need to be very sparing with it though as a little goes a mighty long way and if you use too much it might be tricky to remove. However, get it right (there are clear instructions on the label) the seeming ‘shell-like’ finish you get will be immense, while the gloss is also extremely vibrant.

The ‘glass’ part of the name refers to the liquid glass ingredient, which works alongside Si02, reactive polymers and fluoro Si02 polymers, which are similar to PTFE and the blend forms what Infinity call ‘membrane technology’. The finish will also be anti-static, too.

Top it with Infinity’s directly compatible Super Gloss Wax+ product and you’ll have protection for up to a year and a great, gloss finish to your paint.

A 500ml bottle costs £14.00 with more information from ENDS.