I’m an avid watcher of the Forensic Detailing Channel on YouTube and Jon’s reviews of car care products.

He recently did a round-up of what are his top fifteen quick detailer products, which took some doing as there are literally hundreds of them available on the market.

A quick or rapid detailer is just that. It’s a step beyond a waterless polish and is ideal for giving your car a glossy appearance in a hurry.

Also, if you like to apply a glaze and a sealant, followed by a wax as part of a regular detailing programme, you can use this one as a ‘topper’ or final gloss part of the process.

Of the fifteen products that Forensic Detailing Channel sampled, I have many of them but the one he placed in first position has passed me by until now.

It’s called Done & Dusted and hails from Bouncer’s Wax , a small company based in Hertfordshire and one of the artisan wax blenders who have been inspired by Dom at Dodo Juice, with their first product ‘22’ in 2011 being sold via Dodo’s independent label as was the second wax from Bouncer’s a year later.

Both have become popular with enthusiasts and professional detailers alike and since then Bouncer’s has come a long way and produce some great stuff.

Their Done & Dusted came along in 2015 and is a water-based cross-polymer-based quick detailer and gloss enhancer and can be used on paintwork, glass and those ornate piano-black-style trims used by several German brands and Jaguar, among others.

I like the green colour; love the sherbet dip aroma and also the quick and easy application and the mirror-like shine it produces and although I knew if Jon rated it so highly it had to be good. A 500ml spray bottle costs £12.99 (1-litre and 5-litre refills are also available) and can be purchased via www.bouncerswax.com ENDS.