Blizzard Snow Foam is a touchless pre-wash offered by vehicle care brand Power Maxed as part of its valeting range.

The Snow Foam product is a surface cleaner, a product used in the pre-wash stage of the valeting process to remove large chunks of dirt, grit and other contaminants from the surface prior to getting a little more ‘hands-on’. If these contaminants remained on the surface, micro-scratches and swirls could appear on the paintwork after a hands-on wash.

Power Maxed’s Blizzard Snow Foam is designed to be diluted 33:1, give or take depending on water hardness, and applied through a foam lance, ensuring liberal and even coverage of the vehicle in foam.

The foam should be thick enough that it takes at least two minutes for the foam to fall off, but thin enough that it is constantly dripping steadily off the bottom of the vehicle. The aim of the product is to encapsulate the pieces of dirt and transport them away from the paint of the vehicle and onto the floor where it can be rinsed away.

Blizzard Snow Foam has been developed alongside the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) team Power Maxed Racing, where following every race weekend both Astras are blanketed in Blizzard Snow Foam to remove the grit from the track, which ensures that the livery is not scratched when the shampooing stage of the washing process starts. The product has been developed alongside feedback from the team to ensure it performs as well as it possibly can.

Blizzard Snow Foam is available for just £7.99 for a 1-litre bottle at, or call 01789 330 668 with a five-litre option also available ENDS.