Good news for Great British Sports cars this week as they received an official Safety Cage Certificate from MSA, meaning that the new FIA Race chassis is now fully FIA-approved and is the latest development for the Zero range.

Its integrated roll-over protection system (ROPS) is designed around the latest FIA requirements to ensure maximum safety when needed the most. This new chassis is actually lighter than their previous MSA-compliant race chassis despite having several metres of additional tubing and reinforcement.

This is down to the thinner wall section of the high-grade CDS tubing used to construct the ROPS, which itself complies with the latest strict MSA/FIA design requirements and has undergone crash simulation through Finite Element Analysis (FEA) at the Horiba Mira test house in Warwickshire.

It passed with flying colours showing only 4.6mm max displacement on the main hoop with a pass allowance of 50mm and only a 15mm max displacement on the front hoop with a pass allowance of 100mm.

The price is yet to be confirmed although you can keep up with developments via 01623 860 990 ENDS.