With around 450 Pembletons sold it could be described as a successful three-wheeler (there is a four-wheeler variant too) and it remains available, which is good. A delightful little trike that conjures up the spirit of twenties motoring.

The man behind the Pembleton kits is Phil Gregory although when I was asked about three years ago by his son, Guy if I felt that there was a market for a high-quality fully built-only version of the three-wheeler, it took me about a split second to tell him ‘do it’.

Since then the operation has been slightly revised with Phil concentrating on the kits under the Pembleton Self Build banner, while Guy is Pembleton Motor Company and produces turnkey versions of what has become known as the V-Sport.

There’s a bit more to it than that though as it’s not just a case of offering a fully built version as Guy has revised the chassis, has deleted all the Citroën 2CV parts other than the refurbished gearbox meaning that all mechanicals are now fabricated in-house.

One stunning move has seen Guy become an official trading partner of Moto Guzzi in Italy, who supply him with brand new V7 III 744cc transverse v-twin engines. This arrangement is believed to be a world-first, incidentally.

V-Sport prices start at £18,995 and we’ll be bringing you an EXCLUSIVE on the three-wheeler in the September/October issue of TKC Mag.

More information from www.pembleton.co.uk ENDS.