One of the best pre-wash snowfoams on the market, in my opinion, is Iron X Snow Soap and is related to the South Korean company’s Iron X fallout remover.

Snow Soap was formerly known as Snow Gel and once your vehicle has been decontaminated will help it resist iron particles and grime although it has the added benefit of being used as a foam and fired at your car via a foam lance or you can also just apply it directly to your wash mitt a la Meguiar’s Wash Plus.

It is pH neutral and offers high lubricity and like its iron fallout remover brother is also an excellent wheel cleaner, while it doesn’t smell as aggressive like standard Iron X. You can use it safely on paint, glass, gelcoat, wheels, headlights and plastic trim.

You can be flexible with the application. If your car needs a good level of decontamination use it un-diluted in your lance/cannon (it’ll take about 400ml to do a car or reduce that to about 150ml if you just want to use it as a snow foam.

Alternatively, drop some into a bucket to obtain a heavy amount of suds and apply it using your wash mitt.

Pleasing amount of foam dwells on the car’s surface

After about five minutes the foam starts to fade away

I was very pleased with the level of gloss after rinsing

I tried it both ways and to be honest although Car Pro say only use it out of direct sunlight and on cool panels, the sun came out when I was testing it and it was quite a warm afternoon, so I was a little worried. However, there were no issues. If your car has a convertible soft top it’s recommended that you don’t apply this product to it.

Once I’d washed my car and clayed the surface so as to get rid of previous layers of wax and clay., I got the cannon out. There was a small amount of colour changing on contact indicating that there still some iron particles on my car’s bodywork, but I was particularly impressed by the way that when I let it dwell it stayed there for around five minutes before it started to dissipate.

I then rinsed the bodywork carefully and dried the surface with a dedicated drying towel (I used to scoff at these but by crikey, they work) and was pleased to see a very shiny, glossy finish, which proved to be a great basis on which to apply new sealant and wax.

Iron X Snow Soap is available from Car Pro UK and their official agents with a 500ml bottle costing just £11.99. More information from