Fuel starvation due to fuel starvation or lack of baffling in the fuel tank can be a big problem, where sudden changes in direction and G-forces can uncover the in-tank fuel pump and allow it to suck air. Bad things occur when that happens.

Adding a FUELAB Fuel Surge Tank System will prevent that from happening. The system keeps a small reservoir of fuel available at all times and uses an internal pump to supply the proper volume of fuel even when the main fuel pump poops out and can only deliver a small amount.

Made from billet aluminium, the FUELAB Fuel Surge Tank System is available with single or dual 340 LPH electric pumps in 2.1-litres (2.2 quart) and 2.7-litres (2.8 quarts) capacities. It has -8AN inlet and outlet ports and is compatible with gasoline and E85. A return-line to send excess fuel back to the main fuel tank is required.

Summit Racing also carries FUELAB Fuel Surge Tank Upgrade Kits. They include a floor mount bracket with hardware, an -8AN hose assembly, and an -8AN 90-degree fitting.