For all its many plus-points the world of motorsport can at times feel at little po-faced, staid, and whisper it, serious.

The good news is that Speedline Corse (the company’s specialist motorsport division) has set out to make the paddock and service area that bit more vibrant through its latest innovation, a Custom Colour Programme, one which can be applied to any one of the alloys, which make up its expansive motorsport range.

It’s worth taking a little time to inspect Speedline’s motorsport range in greater detail as the likes of the Speedline Type 2120 (the ‘Turini’ to its friends), Type 2118 and SL676 have proved their worth on countless special stages and racetracks, and all are consistently popular amongst those competing in championships and series of all kinds.

Thing is, speed needn’t necessarily mean low observance colours and subtle hues, not now that Speedline has its Custom Colour Programme up and running. In addition to its range of ‘standard’ colours (white, silver, gold, anthracite, matt black and gloss black), Speedline can now supply its motorsport wheels in either green, dark blue, red or orange. All four hues are incredibly vibrant and eye-catching for all the right reasons, with the potential to complement the livery of any race or rally car you care to mention.

The range of Speedline Corse motorsport wheels included within the Speedline Custom Colour Programme can be found below:

Type 2120                       Type 2128                       Type 2110

Type 2118                       Type 2108

Price POA – dependent on requirement