Of the car care companies in the UK producing products that are heavily-scented often more akin to Lush or Body Shop, the kings must be Immaculate Reflections who manage to combine novelty with proper sweet-shop smells.

However, although a good laugh, the company makes seriously impressive products that really work.

Take this, their highly-concentrated Jellybean shampoo that for all the world smells like a box of Jellybeans. What’s more, it is Ph neutral so is good for your skin and your car’s bodywork.

Highly concentrated, you only need a couple of capfuls to create a monster amount of suds and soapy deliciousness.

I used a wash mitt and followed the instructions on the label and end-up with a very clean, shiny car that was ready for the next steps. A winner.

I’ll also defy you to try and stop giving the bottle a lusty sniff every time you walk past it!

The best part is that a 500ml bottle costs just £9, which is good for 10-20 washes, making it also very economical, too.

Buy direct from www.immaculatereflectioncarcare.comor from their official stockists.