Quick Detailer is a quick-application dust and fingerprint remover offered by Power Maxed, vehicle care brand, as part of their detailing range.

Applied by spraying directly onto the surface to be cleaned or onto a microfibre cloth and wiped across a reasonably dirt-free surface, Quick Detailer is ideal for removing dust, fingerprints, bird droppings and water spots.

It’s designed for perfecting the cleanliness of a vehicle before meetings and the like, but can also be used at stages of the valeting or detailing processes, such as removing Tar Off and assisting with the buffing of polish and wax.

A light detergent, Quick Detailer acts as a waterless wash by lifting light soiling and grime and replacing with a thin Carnauba layer, protecting the paintwork against future contamination.

Suitable for use all over the vehicle, including windows, Quick Detailer is also great for motorcyclists, both for the bike itself and the rider’s helmet and visor.

Power Maxed Quick Detailer is available for just £12.99 for a 1-litre ready-to-use bottle at http://www.powermaxed.com/vehicle-cleaning/quick-detaileror you can phone 01789 330 668 ENDS.