One of the year’s most intriguing newcomers is the turbo-diesel version of the excellent Marlin Sportster.

Marlin has offered the model to suit BMW donor for many years (they were one of the first to offer Beemer mechanicals) but this is the first time a diesel version has been used.

It uses the straight six units from either the E36 3-Series or E39 5-Series and thanks to the readily available diesel tuning options power can easily be hiked without so much as laying a ratchet on the engine.

The beautifully-prepared demonstrator unveiled at Stoneleigh had 201bhp and 302 lb-ft of torque although 300bhp can be achieved.

The Devon-based manufacturer has also taken the opportunity to re-design the Sportsters interior which now features a new Marlin-branded dashboard with custom-made instruments. It did look sweet, I have to say.


A do-able DIY budget build for the Marlin Sportster Diesel is around £18,000 allowing for paint and donor, with a factory built ‘replica’ of the top-spec demo car costing from £40,000.

More information on this one from at the other end of 01363 773 772 ENDS.