Another company making their debut at Stoneleigh this year was 427 Hardtops and it really isn’t too hard to work out what it is they make.

Their hardtop was designed around the DAX Tojeiro/Cobra, now made by JK Sportscars, although they will soon be unveiling a top to suit the AK 427 and GD 427, with others sure to follow. A leading American Cobra replica manufacturer even sent a car over for 427 Hardtops to develop a product for them.

Over the years many people have had a go at making a hardtop for the Cobra 427. Some have worked better than others but invariably the shape has looked a bit clunky or ‘peaky’ and/or have been way too heavy.

It’s fine having a hardtop as a coffee table in the garage during the summer months but you really want to be able to lift the bloody thing when it gets in the way. Not only does the 427 Hardtops one look good but it weighs in at just 15kg.

It’s made (obviously) from GRP and is supplied double-skinned and has a flocked headlining and if fixed to the car’s body via three bolts over the body and an M6 fastener securing to each lower windscreen corner.

The man behind the project is Andy Hatton, a man with over thirteen years’ experience working at DJ Sportscars, so he knows the breed extremely well.

Other key features are:

  • Stainless steel brightwork
  • Five-piece tinted window set manufactured from Plexiglas
  • Security locks to windows
  • Rubber seals and draught-proofing
  • Billet aluminium tailgate hinges

It is also competitively priced at just £3600 with a lead time of eight weeks from time of order for a hardtop to suit a DAX/JK with the AK and GD tops currently being developed. If you contact Andy he’ll be able to advise further.

More information from www.427hardtops.comor via 07794 951 611 ENDS.