So, I’ve got one of those BMW’s that certain types of weasels can break into by re-programing a dummy key using some form of ill-gotten witchcraft. One of those little faraday bags hopefully heads that one off at the pass.

However, I heard the other day that thieves are cutting steering wheels off cars as they have considerable value on the black market. Indeed, I spoke to an RAC man who told me that he had to attend a call out just like that last week

Time to return to good old-fashioned analogue forms of securing our property, although for the steering wheel hunters the conventional Krooklok product is a deterrent although I’ve just fitted a Disklok, which covers the whole steering wheel.

The Disklok range of vehicle security products caters for all cars, motor-homes and light commercial vehicles with three different size options.

Each Disklok has built in adjustment of 1in, which allows you to find the perfect size for your steering wheel. When fitted correctly, the Disklok should be loose enough to slide around on your wheel but not loose enough to lift off. It literally spins when it is attacked. Genuine peace of mind and I’m delighted with mine.

Four sizes are available catering for wheel diameters from 35mm to 44mm and prices range from £119.99 to £124.99. Actually, the Disklok is also a great product for kitcar owners on cars where security devices can be few and far between.

More information from or 01257 795 100 ENDS.