FOLIATEC’s aim has always been to provide the tools for unconventional thinkers and non-conformists to produce distinctive and dramatic vehicles; an aim which is endorsed by the company’s by-line: BE DIFFERENT with FOLIATEC®.com.
The latest FOLIATEC®.com catalogue is packed with new products that follow this theme…Each of the products embodies the idea of uniqueness.
For instance: The attractive ‘Lug Nuts’ look – which came from the Japanese tuning scene – is easily achieved with a LugNuzzCover set, without having to change the wheel fixings. The colourful aluminium sleeves simply attach to the existing wheel bolts and are then held in place by strong magnets. The magnet’s enormous grip enables LugNuzzCovers to endure automatic car washes and high-speed driving – this unique accessory has been tested up to 250 km/h.

Another innovative eye-catcher is Hard Rock Liner; a course textured paint, which gives a rock-like effect and is available as a peelable protective coat that can be removed and re-applied as desired or in a two-pack permanent, super tough version that will shrug off contact with roadside bushes and supermarket trolleys as if they never existed.

For those that want a permanent, yet smooth finish for their vehicle, there is the new Carbody Spray Film 2C Sealer to give FOLIATEC Carbody Spray Film a permanent, hard-finish that is extremely resistant to scrapes and scratches and can even be polished just like a conventional painted surface. it’s even available in a choice of matt or glossy versions.
A new touch for the 2018 catalogue is the inclusion of original, intricate graphics from artist Patrick Birke showing the versatility of FOLIATEC’s extensive product range.
To obtain your FOLIATEC®.com 2018 Catalogue visit and BE DIFFERENT with FOLIATEC®.com ENDS.