I know Safe Products and Spautopia founder John Stevenson, personally. He’s a clever chap. Remember those little plastic tags that you used to see on sliced loaves? Well, John invented them, and his latest creation is Genius Surface Sealant, and it really does seem to be a genius product, having tried it out.

Regular readers will know that I’m er, very attentive to keeping my vehicles clean and when John’s daughter, Amanda, who runs Spautopia, contacted me to see if I fancied trying it out, I didn’t need asking twice.

As it happened I was planning to do some work of a car care nature, so it arrived at just the right time.

Genius is described as a sealant that also adds a high gloss finish. It’s a spray type liquid that goes on very easily via a microfibre cloth. Spray a little onto a panel, rub it in, leave it for a short while and then buff it off.

Unlike some sealants that require a chisel to remove from the vehicle’s surface, Genius was very easy to buff to a glorious liquid shine. Typically, it snowed the day after a glorious late winter afternoon, but from what I can see the claimed ‘beading’ properties are definitely there.

Many people judge a sealant by its hydrophobic tendencies or its ability to bead on the paint surface.

Spautopia reckons that the bodywork will stay cleaner for longer and importantly be easier to clean, and the treatment should remain on the surface for many months before a re-application is required oh and it can be used on many hard surfaces, too such as boats, caravans, planes and around the home.

Genius Surface Sealant has an RRP of £13.99 for a 300ml bottle although they also do a 2.5-litre container at £83.40 inc VAT and can also sell you all sorts of cloths and other great car care products. They are also UK distributors for the superb German Scholl Concepts range.

More information from www.spautopia.co.uk or 01780 721 470 ENDS.