XCP Professional’s non-sticky Lubricate and Protect formula reduces friction, wear and corrosion without the mess.

Working on a car can be a hugely satisfying experience. The reward of knowing that it runs smoothly after putting the time in is immensely rewarding. Of course, having the right equipment to hand plays a big part in achieving a good result and that includes oils, cleaning sprays and lubricants as well as hand tools.

However, both DIY and professional mechanics alike are faced with a bewildering choice of spray lubricants on the market today and knowing which is the right one to use and when is crucial. Thankfully, XCP Professional’s range covers every situation and gives clear information about what each product is designed for.

For high-pressure situations, XCP’s Lubricate & Protect spray is far cleaner alternative to spray grease and has been designed to reduce the impact of friction between moving parts, minimising the long-term effects of wear. Originally formulated for heavy-duty industrial applications in the printing industry, the product’s heritage means that its unique blend of mineral and bio-based ingredients have been thoroughly tested over many years to withstand extreme pressure and deliver long-lasting protection against friction, wear and corrosion in the most extreme environments.

One of the many advantages that Lubricate & Protect has over spray greases is that it does not dry sticky and, once applied, it will not cause dirt to adhere to parts. Well known mechanic and star of TV’s Wheelers Dealers, Edd China has this to say about his experience using XCP Lubricate & Protect: “This lubricant spray will minimise friction and reduce wear of moving parts. I much prefer it to something like a white lithium grease. Less messy to work with and doesn’t attract dirt the way spray greases do.”

XCP Lubricate & Protect is designed for use with metal parts and surfaces and can be used on joints, bearings, cables, chains, slide mechanisms, gears, pulleys, locks, wire rope, winches, cogs, bushings, cranks, axles, hydraulics, hand and power tools, and more. It features active ingredients carefully selected by XCP to provide a market leading lubricant that disperses quickly and widely across the surfaces it is applied to. Once dry it creates a thin, non-sticky, colourless soft coating that will keep parts loose, lubricated and protected. Lubricate & Protect really is the answer to many mechanics’ prayers.

XCP Professional Lubricate & Protect is available from Amazon, autosessive.com, M&P and many other retailers with an SRP of £7 for a 400ml can.

More information on the full product range is available at www.xcp-protection.com ENDS.