With correct tyre pressures, vehicles save fuel, produce fewer emissions and are safer. This is why manufacturers are now fitting Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) and the professional tyre technician needs the correct tools to maintain, service and repair these systems.

New to the Laser Tools range is this comprehensive TPMS torque wrench and socket set (part number 6935) that contains the tools required to correctly mount the TPMS sensor to the wheel rim.

The ¼in drive torque wrench is rated at 2-10Nm and is used to tighten the sensor valve nuts to the manufacturer’s recommended torque. It is a high-quality instrument and features a very smooth 72-tooth ratchet.

Also included are a TPMS grommet removal tool; a tyre valve stem screwdriver; a ¼in drive T-handle driver; two ¼in  drive deep sockets (11 and 12mm) plus three 1/4in drive Star bits (T10, T15 and T20).

Everything you need for TPMS service is included in one kit, supplied in a sturdy foam-lined case to keep the tools safe and secure; the case also features a storage space for valve caps, etc.

High quality and professional kit and available now at a typical price of £225.55 inc VAT but remember to check your local supplier for the best prices and special offers.

More details from www.lasertools.co.uk ENDS.