One of my favourite car care companies is Staffordshire-based Autobrite Direct, run by Mark Moss.

Just lately I was after a ‘snow foam cannon’ attachment for my pressure washer – not big nor clever, but there is something remarkably satisfying about completely covering your car in thick foam – as the cleaning benefits of using one really do help with the washing process.

There are lots available on the market and prices vary enormously. As I did my research though, Autobrite’s Heavy Duty Foam Lance was repeatedly mentioned being one of the best.

Therefore, I ordered one and initial tests show it to be very good. It fits the two-piece pressure washer lance on your pressure washer (they can supply the appropriate ‘push’, ‘twist’ or ‘screw’ adaptor, depending on your machine) and gives a stable and comfy hold on the lance when in action.

You get a durable one-litre bottle that attaches to the lance and you can fill that with your desired snow foam liquid (in our case I used Autobrite’s own Super Snow Foam product), and my car was miraculously covered by a thick, mousse-style foam that remained on my car for longer than anything else I have used.

Although snow foam looks dramatic on your vehicle, it does serve an important purpose as it encapsulates the dirt and crud that’s on your paintwork or gelcoat making it easier and faster to rinse off and remove.

Trust me you will know when you’ve been using an inferior quality snow foam and/or lance when compared to the Autobrite Direct items.

The lance kit costs £40 with a filter (recommended) at £3, with both available via where you can view all of the company’s other products including snow foams.

We’ll also be doing a more in-depth test of this product in TKC Mag very soon ENDS.