Mountney, makers of some of the world’s most highly respected and sought-after aftermarket steering wheels, has started the year with a bang, expanding its Classic range of wheels to cater to an even greater variety of cars than ever before. Mountney has opted to let its 17in Classic Riveted Woodrim wheel lead the charge in this respect, with the timeless product now available in both light and dark wood variants, plus another with a leather coated rim.

It’s definitely tempting fate by so much as suggesting this, but there’s a good chance that improved Spring weather is right around the corner. OK, so that might be a tad optimistic seeing as January has only just given way to February, but the ticking by of the first 4 weeks of the year does at least give us scope to think of warmer weather, more daylight, and the increased opportunity for messing about in classic cars they represent.

With the above in mind, there can be few more effective pre-Spring modifications to make to your car than the fitment of a Classic Mountney steering wheel. Easy to install and stunning to behold, a Mountney wheel can have a transformative impact on any classic car you care to name, serving to lift the overall appearance of the interior, giving the dashboard an impressive focal point and polishing the driving experience at a stroke.

The 17in wheels shown here, Classic Riveted Woodrim, are especially well suited to owners of larger classics like the VW ‘bay window’ and T25 busses, both of which do without Power Assisted Steering and can, therefore, be somewhat challenging to manoeuvre at low speed with smaller diameter wheels favoured rival firms. This doesn’t mean that they’re in any way restricted to owners of air-cooled Wolfsburg metal though – far from it; Mountney has found its 17in wheels to be ideal for all manner of classic and retro cars, particularly those produced in the ’70s and ’80s.

Impact on driving aside, Mountney’s 17in Classic wheels stand out from the herd through their looks. The result of generations of hard-won painstakingly acquired expertise (Mountney has been going for over four decades now)…

There’s even a third variant of the 17in Classic, one denoted by its plush leather rim. The hide in question has been sourced from Mountney’s trusted supplier and has been expertly treated, meaning it will provide many years and countless thousands of miles of faithful service.

Both light and dark Woodrim variants of the Classic are based upon a traditional, flat dished designed, with a polished, three-spoke centre made from high-grade stainless steel. Each spoke has a cut-out running along its length, a design trait which serves to improve the wheel’s overall appearance and reduce its weight.

Mountney has worked hard to ensure that physically fitting its Classic wheels is both simple and straightforward, with both the products shown here designed to bolt into place using one of its Traditional boss kits.


17in Classic Riveted Woodrim (Light) £130 inc VAT – 73SPCW

17in Classic Riveted Woodrim (Dark) £130 inc VAT – 73SPCWD

17in Classic Riveted Woodrim (Leather, Polished Centre) £130 inc VAT – 73SPLB

17in Classic Riveted Woodrim (Leather, Black Centre) £130 inc VAT – 73SBLB

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