Metalcraft tools bend, shape, cut and join steel strip and bars, they can also work with tube all with just a pull of a lever without the need for heat or electrical power. You can form metal into shapes, components or finished projects with impressive and consistent results every time.

These British-made tools are manufactured at their factory in Hull, and they have supplied to hundreds of thousands of customers in over sixty countries worldwide. With sixty years of experience, you know you are getting great quality workmanship that is built to last and friendly knowledgeable staff who are always on hand to help.
They supply individual tools or complete workshop packages to kit out your garage, shed or workshop, they also have a wide variety of other products from steel and associated materials to fixings and a large range of other decorative accessories.


The tools appeal to a large and diverse range of people from anyone wanting workshop tools to businesses and crafters, in fact, anyone involved in fabrication, motor repairs, engineering, maintenance work, gardening, industrial construction, they even have great agricultural applications.

Ideal for those tricky repairs around the house or garage where you need a custom-made bracket, clip, strap, hook and fasteners. Useful for making your home and garden more secure with window/door grilles plus the ability to create bespoke fencing and gates in next to no time, they also offer the unique opportunity to diversify and turn a skill into an additional money-making venture.

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