A great product that will be of interest to totalkitcar readers is this cool-looking device called the DemerBox.

DemerBox is basically a Bluetooth® boombox that can be taken anywhere with a fifty-hour battery life, waterproof capability (with port plug) that can also store stuff and charge your devices.

Made in America the makers claim it is indestructible and they even proved it by shooting it and running it over with a mini tank! It also has a superb sound quality too, which after all is its main intention in life.

The company is owned by outlaw country star, Zac Brown (he likes a bit of shootin’ and fishin’ it seems) so sound quality was always going to be paramount. They retail for around £400 and although the company doesn’t have a UK agent as yet, you can order them online…

More information from www.demerbox.com ENDS.