This could be a really useful service for kitcar enthusiasts and manufacturers alike

The days of the classic car or kitcar being permanently stuck in the garage or the treasured motorbike being left in pieces because of a scarcity of parts could be over!

A potentially exciting online has been announced in the shape of – a dedicated website where bespoke parts can be ordered, produced and mailed-out without breaking the bank.

The website will end that age-old headache of obsolete parts for the thousands of dedicated DIY car and motorbike as reckon that they can pair up the motoring DIY-er with a manufacturer who will take their design and make the perfect part.

This platform has been a huge success in France and now is looking to match that in the UK.

The website was conceived by Marc Wibaux and two investors, who set up a similar website across the channel four years ago after becoming frustrated with the lack of availability for parts, which was compounded by high costs for low volume custom-machined parts for cars, motorcycles, boats and machinery.

“Manufacturing companies either rejected our requests as the parts were too small to bother with or we were quoted ludicrous prices as it was such a small production run,” said Wibaux.

“I didn’t think I would be the only one with this problem as there are thousands of DIY-ers like me in France looking for parts to complete our projects.”

The solution saw the launch of an online marketplace that connects restorers and hobbyists directly with individual machinists. Since launch, it has successfully delivered more than 8000 projects, with 70 per cent from individuals and 30 per cent from small companies looking to maintain equipment. is now aiming to match that success by pairing up restorers in need of a part with companies that can manufacture it swiftly and cheaply.

Wibaux added: “The purpose of the site is to be able to offer several quotes to customers from a range of companies, they can then make their choice from the options and finally have their part at a fair price.

“All parts are custom-made from either modern CNC methods or traditional means and to a very high standard.”

The process takes just six steps, but Wibaux advises a degree of engineering knowledge is useful in the drafting of the initial blueprint for the part.

1          How it works

2          Post your request for free by uploading your design,

3          Get free no obligation quotes from professional manufacturer

4          Choose a manufacturer from the offers

5          Depositing the funds into a secure Machining-4U account

6          Receive the part at your home (or at any chosen address)

7          After approving the parts, release the funds to pay the manufacturer and leave a review.


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