A new addition to the T89 range this week and Cal Trump told me: “Due to popular demand we have created a new Add-On pack for the SSL plans-built racecar that turns it into a two-seat full-bodied Sports Racer.”

Based on the same drivetrain, suspension, brakes and steering, the add-on pack features a 200mm wider chassis that brings it up to the minimum width for Sports Racer, Supersports and Sports Libre series such as OSS, RGB and Bikesports. It also features a longer wheelbase for circuit racing stability and revised universal handed pedal box. All updated wishbone and mount drawings are included as well.

Designed as generic sports racer chassis it is ready to take a multitude of off-the-shelf bodywork sets or be a start base for your own design.

The images here show the car fitted with a Lola T492 Sports 2000 body that is currently available from Equinox in Kent with more information via www.t89.co.uk or www.racecarwings.co.uk ENDS.