Weber 32/36 DGAV and 38 DGAS carburettors are used on millions of cars worldwide and combine the reliability and power of Weber with the convenience of a water-operated automatic choke.

Over time the efficiency of the bi-metallic unit can deteriorate leading to poor starting and choke performance whilst the housing can corrode if the engine’s antifreeze and corrosion inhibitor have not been correctly maintained.

Now the choke units on these popular carburettors can be overhauled by using the new Webcon overhaul kit.

The package contains 100 per cent genuine Weber parts including a bi-metallic unit, a die-cast water jacket and all the ancillary parts required for fitting. The Webcon CRK003 choke overhaul kit will enable Weber 32/36 DGAV and 38 DGAS owners to return their car’s cold starting to original levels of performance with CRK003 priced at £71.95 inc VAT.

Available now via  01932 787 100 or visit ENDS.