A new name to the kitcar industry maybe but Rugeley, Staffordshire-based Automotech Services has been around since 1972 supplying a variety of garage equipment such as four-post lifts, tyre machines and wheel balancers among other stuff.

They also aim at the enthusiast end of the market and offer a range of incredibly good value scissor-lifts that will appeal to our readers and make your lives easier in the garage. For example, they have the AS-5500, which is raised by air compressor, rather than electricity, and has a weight capacity of 2.5-tonnes, meaning it can easily cope with your GTM Libra. It has a useful lift height of 1.025-metres with a minimum height of 125mm.

You’ll need an air compressor that can work at 7-bar (6.93PSI) but you’ll be attracted by the remarkable price of just £1068 inc VAT.

More information on this and their other products via www.automotechservices.co.uk or 01889 579 945 ENDS.