The constant, frenetic pace of technological change can sometimes be exhausting, and it’s all too easy for it to pass us by. In fact, so seamless is the constant technological march that it often takes the launch of a specific, industry-defining product to make you stop and take stock, and Sunnycam Xtreme Video Recording Sunglasses are a case in point.

A product recently added to Subaru UK’s ever-expanding portfolio of officially-approved and sanctioned accessories, the Sunnycam Xtreme is precisely the kind of product that would have had previous generations scratching their chins and furrowing their brow in amazement, mainly as they have the ability to record each and everything that you happen to gaze upon!

Of course, the real beauty of a product like the Sunnycam Xtreme is that there’s no limit to its potential uses, other than your imagination, of course. Recording epic road trips and car shows with friends, documenting off-piste snowboarding excursions or particularly daring mountain bike trails, or merely a snapshot of an especially significant night out, the product can do it all with the kind of straightforward ease that’s the hallmark of a well-developed lifestyle product.

Designed for those with an active lifestyle, the Sunnycam Xtreme glasses record in picture perfect, 1920×1080 30 frames per second high definition, with an ability to record continuously for a full hour. It’s easy for an hour can fly by when you’re recording in the heat of the moment, which is why the Sunnycam Xtreme’s recording time can be extended with a USB portable power pack (sold separately).

You can be sure that anything you do opt to film will be recorded in pin-sharp, crystal clarity, thanks to the built-in vibrate and motion control module, while IP66 Water Resistant Frame Technology ensures rain droplets aren’t an issue. You can even take still photos while recording, safely stored in handy JPG format. In short, you can use the Sunnycam Xtreme as and when required, safe in the knowledge that you won’t be inadvertently shooting a Blair Witch Project tribute film!

There’s more; UV400 polarised lenses offer protection for your eyes (not to mention understated style), while the 16GB of inbuilt memory means that you’ll be able to record for an extended period of time, safe in the knowledge that you won’t face the agonizing prospect of selecting which clips to discard.  The Sunnycam Xtreme comes with a slew of handy accessories, including a Grilamide Frame, both polarised and clear lenses, micro USB cable, protective carry case and cleaning cloth, and a glass string.

Last but not least, the glasses have been devised with straightforward connectivity in mind, meaning you can share your freshly recorded exploits with friends with ease. A wide array of devices are compatible with the Sunnycam Xtreme, including laptops, tablets, PCs, Macs, game consoles and smart TVs.

Price: £150 inc VAT

Available at at your local Subaru Dealer ENDS.