Autoglym has made car washing even more fun – as well as much easier – with the release of its superior Snow Foam – Polar Blast, applied through a jet-wash lance. As the perfect precursor to a wash routine, it reduces the risk of scratches and swirls by covering the vehicle in a spectacular rich blanket of foam that clings to paintwork to gently loosen and lift dirt and heavy soiling prior to shampooing. Best of all, if your car is only lightly dirty, Polar Blast can replace the shampoo stage altogether!

Developed in Autoglym’s industry-leading labs, Polar Blast produces an impressive, dense foam that can cling to even the most vertical of surfaces to increase dwell time – and therefore the amount of time that the active detergent has to work its magic on your paintwork. Suitable for all exterior vehicle surfaces it goes on with the minimum of fuss – and gets to work straight away, offering some of the thickest, most luxuriant suds the detailing industry has ever seen, covering every square inch of the vehicle and ensuring no panel or part is left uncleaned!

Using Polar Blast on heavy and moderately soiled bodywork is much kinder to paint as it loosens and removes traffic film and other surface contaminants prior to breaking out the wash mitt and shampoo. On those vehicles that are only moderately dirty, Polar Blast can actually be used as the wash medium, and replace the whole shampoo stage of the wash, allowing you to continue you wash routine with the minimum of fuss. Quite the versatile player, really!

The idea behind this product is to remove contaminants from bodywork that may otherwise be swirled around by a wash mitt or sponge. Why not break out that under-used jet wash that’s been languishing in the shed and revel in a professional-level cleaning experience that’s actually also extremely satisfying and fun to do. You might even find you have helpers volunteering, come wash day!

Depending in the dirtiness of the task in hand, or the density of foam desired, Polar Blast can either be used neat or pre-diluted up to 10:1 to make a little really go a very long way. As you might expect from the Autoglym boffins, it also smells rather nice too, with a fragrance not unlike a quality cologne.

Reduce swirls, save time, have more fun and make washday a real pleasure – all for the princely sum of £16.99 for a 2.5-litre bottle.

For more information, or to buy, visit ENDS.