Forge Motorsport is best known for its range of alloy forced induction kit, and its latest offering is true to form; a beautifully engineered, impressively compact 44mm piston external wastegate. It’s a component well-suited to a massive array of different cars with varying turbo setups, and one that opens the door to some frankly massive power figures.

Forge set itself the lofty goal of producing ‘the world’s best external wastegate,’ which is no mean feat when you consider the calibre of the opposition at hand! Forge was able to build upon the solid foundations of its original piston operated wastegate when it came to optimising the new unit’s basic design, but have added a slew of additional features along the way, not least its impressively compact size. Indeed, the new wastegate is a full 45 per cent smaller than the original, compact enough to fit within the confines of even the tiniest of engine bays. This means that it’s also comfortably the lightest comparable wastegate on sale today.

The need to design a wastegate capable of shrugging off temperatures of over 1000°C led Forge to invest in high-end construction materials, including Inconel and Nitronic, as well as 304-grade stainless steel and aerospace grade aluminium. Forge even developed a bespoke water-cooling system. Not only is this a true world first, it means that the O-ring and cylinder remain within their optimum operating range, dramatically reducing the chances of wastegate failure.

Forge’s piston wastegate is the ideal choice for those pushing for extremes of boost and power, with a range of between 4psi and 26psi (0.28 to 1.79bar) and the option of ‘tuning’ its operating range via a selection of custom-made Eibach springs designed specifically for this very application. Accurate boost control is of paramount importance to the continued health of any forced induction engine, yet Forge’s new wastegate also permits a faster response, meaning it can also contribute to increased performance in its own right.

Forge understands that anyone purchasing one of its new 44mm piston wastegate is making a substantial investment, hence why the firm has designed it with straightforward servicing in mind. This can be achieved by the home mechanic/enthusiast with no specialist tools, and with a stock of replacement parts readily available via Forge. Peace of mind is guaranteed, with Forge offering its industry-leading lifetime warranty to the original purchaser.

The wastegate is supplied with everything required for a swift and simple installation process, including 304 Stainless Steel CNC machined V-band clamps supplied, an industry standard 44mm weld-on fittings and an adjustable water inlet and outlet feeds.

The proof of the pudding, so they say, is in the eating, which in wastegate terms means how it performs when placed under extremes of pressure and temperature. To this end, Forge supplied pre-production prototypes to the owners of some of Europe’s most powerful cars, including DubShack Racing and Owen Developments. The former fitted it to its VW Lupo dragster, the latter its ¼ mile-monstering Suzuki Hayabusa, and both have been impressed with the wastegate’s performance and ability to withstand the extreme environments outlined above.

The new wastegate wears a retail price of £537.13 inc. VAT with more information available from ENDS.