Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI), manufacturer of innovative thermal and acoustic products for automotive and powersports applications, has just released its latest product catalogue – Innovative Heat & Sound Control Solutions.

The new catalogue includes close to seventy new DEI and Boom Mat part numbers featuring thermal and acoustic solutions for kitcars, classics, muscle cars, grassroots or Sportsman racing, street rods, street or off-road trucks, ATV/UTVs and daily drivers.

New products include the company’s new GOLD series: GOLD Cool Cover™, Heat Sheath™ and Heat Shroud™ for maximum line and hose protection, especially under the harsh environment of high output racing. DEI’s new GOLD series is manufactured from high temperature metalized Polyamide lamination bonded to 20 oz. heat treated glass fibre base material to keep components cool and protected for all race applications.

New lengths of the popular Black Titanium™ exhaust and header wrap in 2in width and Easy Loom™ Split Sleeving. A Master Kit contains everything you need in one convenient package to add protective split line sleeving to an entire vehicle; there are five different diameter split sleeves (3/16in, 5/16in, ½in, ¾in and 1in) as well as quality 3:1 shrink tube ends, silicone tape, nylon zip ties and electrical tape.

In addition, the new catalogue features a large number of application-specific products for the Camaro and Corvette. These include Camaro pre-cut floor, firewall, headliner and boot along with other interior locations, as well as four new thermal solutions for the Corvette including a Transmission Tunnel Plate Shield for the C5 and C6. New heat solutions include an LS1 Coil Pack Heat Shield, a universal Catalytic Converter Shield and D-Mat™ and a new ultra-lightweight insulation material ideal for interiors as a sound and thermal insulator.

Whether it is the off-road focused EXO Series™ Sleeve, or Boom Mat Tape and Prep Spray, the 2018 catalogue features products that will help protect your vehicle from extreme heat or cold and abrasive conditions whilst also improving sound quality.

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A list of online retailers is also available on the DEI website: ENDS.