Our alloy wheels are tasked with one of the most demanding jobs of any single automotive component; effectively on the front line and exposed to the elements 24/7, your alloys must shrug off the weather, extremes of temperature and man-made contaminants, all of which increase in frequency as autumn gives way to winter. Only too aware that the majority of car owners want nothing more than to protect their ‘summer wheels,’ Wolfrace has opted to expand its range of alloys suited for use throughout the winter months, the ‘Silver’ GB range.

While the Wolfrace GB range isn’t exclusively for winter wheels, it is home to some of the firm’s most beloved seasonal offerings, all of which have been designed to weather the vagaries of the British winter year after year, season after season. Four of these wheels, the Emotion, Temper (in both five- and six-stud form), Perfektion and the Twister, are produced by ATS in Germany. The other eight wheels in the Silver line, the Arktis, Milano, U1, Le Mans (a three-stud wheel designed for the Smart Car), Bavaro, TP5 and TP6 (designed for the VW Transporter series) and Davos, are designed in the UK by Wolfrace itself.

All thirteen wheels have been developed to exacting standards and can, therefore, be counted upon to shrug off the very worst that the British winter can throw their way, which in practice means everything from driving rain and drizzle in November, right through to frost, ice and snow in January.

The ability of these wheels to remain looking box-fresh is down to the complex methods employed in their construction, not forgetting the industry-leading finishes and coatings. The reason said processes are so effective is thanks to the expertise of the two companies charged with designing and building the wheels themselves, ATS and Wolfrace. The former has an enviable CV which includes spells making OEM fitment and motorsport wheels, while Wolfrace has been at the forefront of the British aftermarket wheel industry for four decades. It means that buyers can order in complete confidence, safe in the knowledge that their wheels are backed up by TüV approval, Germany’s incredibly stringent type approval process.

Prices start from around £75 per corner.

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