Driving and riding through the winter months can really take its toll on cars and motorcycles. Vehicles have to deal with the effects of rain and snow and when the weather turns really cold there’s the added impact of salt on the roads. While it may keep the roads free from ice and safer to drive on, it is bad news for motorists and motorcyclists alike, who are trying to keep their bikes and cars looking good and free from corrosion.

Fortunately, there is help at hand from XCP Professional. The company’s range of spray lubricants provide the highest standards in year-round maintenance, lubrication and rust protection.

A key product within the XCP Professional range is ONE High Performance Multipurpose Spray. Designed to penetrate, loosen, lubricate and displace moisture, as well as clean and protect against corrosion it is the ideal tool for combating the ill effects of winter motoring as well as freeing any seized parts. While there are many products available today that claim to be able to perform these tasks, XCP ONE is the only one of its kind used and endorsed by the AA, which speaks volumes for its effectiveness.

It is not only the automotive world that has discovered the many protective benefits of using XCP ONE. In the motorcycle sector, the Honda Racing British SuperBike team uses XCP ONE as its spray lubricant of choice and, having discovered how well it loosens, cleans, lubricates and protects, XCP ONE is now also used by motorcycle valet and protection specialist All Year Biker.

With XCP ONE widely available – having recently launched into Halfords and already in B&Q stores – anyone who wants to keep their wheeled pride and joy clean through the winter can do so knowing that the active ingredients get under dirt, grime and grease, making cleaning so much easier.

Once vehicles have been cleaned, ONE can be applied to exposed surfaces where it creates a thin, colourless soft coating to help keep moving parts loose and free from corrosion.

ONE is available from Halfords, B&Q, The Parts Alliance, Amazon, M&P, Mad4Bikes, Sportsbike Shop and many other retailers with an SRP of £5 for a 400ml can. More information on the full product range is available at www.xcp-protection.com ENDS.