It’s all too easy to forget that Wolfrace’s range is as large as it is, and while many of the firm’s most prominent offerings can be found in the Eurosport range, there are plenty of other, equally attractive designs. The Milano is the latest release within the Wolfrace GB line.

The Milano is an exclusive wheel and can only be ordered in one, suitably high-end finish, Titanium, a colour which serves to underline its sporting nature. The Milano can be ordered in an impressive selection of different sizes though, with the smallest, a svelte 5.5x14in. Even the largest version of the Milano comes in at a comparatively compact 7.0x17in, so this is a wheel very much aimed at owners of smaller cars.

In line with all Wolfrace wheels, the Milano is built to the most exacting of standards and can therefore be counted upon to shrug off the very worst that the British winter can throw its way, which in practice means everything from driving rain and drizzle in November, right through to frost, ice and snow in January. The Milano isn’t merely able to weather these frankly awful conditions, it can handle the extra contaminants that said conditions invariably cause, namely road salt, perhaps the single most corrosive single element an alloy will encounter in its lifespan.

Wolfrace has long been known for the quality of its products and the ruthlessness of its development process (the Milano is fully TÜV certified, meaning it’s passed Germany’s famously strict type approval process), but the company is also wholly committed to customer satisfaction. This commitment is clearly reflected in the industry leading, 12-month warranty, one which can be extended by four extra years simply by registering said wheels online.

Prices from £90 per wheel with more information from ENDS.