‘It’s not a Replica; it’s a Revolution’, so says Wade Morrison of Phoenix, Arizona-based  Stärke Automotive who recently announced a very new take on the age-old and cherished Porsche 356 Speedster theme.

Called the Stärke 357 Revolution, the cars are based on Porsche Boxster 986, 987 or 987 ‘facelift’ generations, which means a donor aged between 1998 – 2012 with power from 225bhp to 400bhp.

For a start the Stärke models are much larger than a classic 356 Speedster, as the Boxster is huge by comparison, but for many it’s certainly going to offer a welcome change from Volkswagen Beetle floorpan, suspension and air-cooled engine.

The first thing to notice I think is the very large side air-intakes and a more upright windscreen, plus very modern headlights with LED ‘angel eye’ bulbs although to these eyes the styling is very pleasing blending old with the very new.

Bodies are GRP with carbon-fibre an option and the structure is stiffened by a substantial metal subframe, which brings extra rigidity.

Four versions of the Stärke 357 are available – Standard, CS, SC and ‘Outlaw’.

The Stärke Revolution Speedster Standard can use an early 986-generation Boxster donor  and can be specc-ed with or withour chrome and with ‘baby moon’ hubcaps or bare. Talking of wheels these are Stärke’s own fabricated two-piece CNC-machined 6061 alloy wheels of 18in diameter. US prices start from $59,000 in turnkey guise.

The Stärke Revolution Speedster CS costs from $110,000 fully built (plus donor cost) and has a few alternative styling touches to the standard version

Next comes the Stärke Revolution Speedster SC, which is 4in wider and has a meaner, beefier look and rides on 19in wheels. This one uses the 987-generation Boxster S only meaning 320bhp and the possibility of PDK clutch and semi-automatic transmission. This version costs from $135,000.

Final offering is the Stärke Revolution Speedster ‘Outlaw’, a classic stripped-down version of the 356 Speedster originally created back in the day by legendary custom car builder, Dean Jeffries. Stärke has taken the theme and developed it further. It shares the same donor and bodystle as the SC version but is much more aggressive-looking. It also shares the same donor but customers have the option of using the Porsche XR57 3.7-litre 911-spec engine that produces 400bhp. Oh and its sports exhaust with trick bypass valve for added aural assault on demand. It also rides lower, features no bumpers and Bilstein dampers with prices from $135,000 in turnkey form with GRP body or from $175,000 in carbon-fibre.

Stärke isn’t the first to attempt a re-boot of the classic 356 and it won’t be the last and for me the French-made PGO Cevennes (originally based on Peugeot now on BMW) is a striking modern take and one that should have sold by the bucket-load. If you find one of them for sale secondhand snap it up, as they are great cars.

We’ll keep you posted in the meantime more information is available at www.starkespeedster.com ENDS.