We’re all familiar with using heat-shrink material to protect and secure wiring terminals and joints, but now Design Engineering Inc has taken the process one step further and is offering heat shrink tubing in a variety of lengths and diameters to protect whole wiring looms.

DEI Heat Shrink Tubes are professional-grade flexible polyolefin tubing that provides protection from dirt, dust, solvents, and foreign materials as well as excellent electrical insulation and strain relief.

The over-expanded tubing easily fits over the ends of wires and connectors and then shrinks down to 33 per cent of its original diameter for a snug water-tight protective seal without a reduction in tube length.
The tough material has functional properties that have been tested and proven to conform to U.S. Military Spec DTL-23053/5C. It is also flame retardant and has an operating range between -67°F to 275°F and can withstand temperatures of up to 394°F for a short duration (30 to 60 mins).

Order directly from www.DesignEngineering.com or via www.nimbusmotorsport.com ENDS.