Summit Racing reckons you should dump your belt-driven mechanical water pump because it’s costing horsepower and cooling efficiency.

The power used by a mechanical pump increases by the cube of its speed. When the pump speed doubles, the power it robs from the engine increases by the power of eight, all the way to maximum engine RPM. At idle or very low engine RPM, especially in hot conditions, the mechanical pump is turning over slowly too, so it can’t provide the extra coolant flow required to keep the engine cool. 

A Davies, Craig Electric Water Pump solves both issues. It doesn’t run off an engine-driven belt so it’s far more efficient. That means no power loss, faster engine warm-up, better engine temperature management, and less chance of engine heat soak. The universal-fit Davies, Craig pump mounts in-line with the bottom radiator hose, and is ideal for remote mount cooling systems.

Summit Racing carries Davies, Craig Electric Water Pumps in several capacities and some of the pumps are available in kits with hose adapters and clamps.

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