New from Better Car Lighting are these compact high-power LED dual colour bulbs that will help alleviate the problems of dull white front indicators.

As Better Car Lighting boss, Gil Keane says: “We all know that cars that signal their intention to slow down and then turn across your path with a white flashing light are dangerous on modern roads and many a swear-box has been filled because of them.

“I brought out my first dual colour white/orange upgrade LED bulb to deal with this problem around four years ago, and asked customers to tell me what they liked and didn’t like, so you could say I asked for what came next!

“Anyway, I listened and eventually bit the bullet to invest in a completely new design of bulb. This one is compact and is, in fact, slightly smaller than the standard bulb it replaces, but is a very bright warm white on sidelight, and when you indicate, the white goes out and is replaced by a powerful orange flashing. When you have finished signalling, the white resumes. I have them in both negative and positive earth formats. They cost £41.99 inc VAT per pair for negative earth and £47.99 inc VAT for positive earth version.”

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