The benefits of wrapping exhaust headers with a heat retaining wrap are well-known but with some complicated twists and turns in the pipework this can sometimes be easier said than done.

Now US heat protection specialist, Design Engineering Inc, has an easy solution. Speed Sleeves jackets provide an alternative to wrapping the complete headers and include everything you need to cover and protect the primary exhaust header pipes.

They are ideal for spot protection from heat-generating pipes and manifolds and are easily installed in tight engine compartments and offer great protection for specific components that are close to the exhaust headers like ignition wires or fuel-lines.

Speed Sleeves jackets will cover pipes up to 2┬╝in diameter. Kits are available for 4-, 6- and 8-cylinder engines and in a choice of tan or black material and they include lock fasteners and locking ties.

Order directly from DEI in the USA or find your nearest dealer at or from ENDS.