Forge Motorsport has released detailed of its beautifully (over) engineered 50mm blow-off valve, which is suitable for a huge number of motorsport and tuning applications.

This valve is the largest displacement item that Forge has ever made! Having successfully survived an extensive trial period, where the valve was placed on some of the most powerful cars in global motorsport, it’s now available to us mere mortals! Featuring a 50mm (2in) aluminium piston, eliminating any potential issues with split diaphragms, not one application has yet found the power handling limits of this valve.

The piston uses heat-stabilised Viton O-rings and high temperature, motorsport-quality Mobil 1 grease to ensure a long life with minimal wear and very long service intervals. As tested on Forge’s own Forge Golf Mk1 Berg Cup car, an incredible 9.5-second ¼-mile Tigra, numerous Time Attack cars and a 1500bhp Nissan GTR, the proof of its ability to handle high boost and high power applications is assured.

The vacuum barb is a huge 6mm ID and fully rotatable 360 degrees to suit any installation. In short, no matter what you’re running, this valve is ready to handle it.

This hand-finished blow-off valve is suitable for custom installations only, and cannot be installed on a silicone hose. In Europe, it is available in machine-finished silver or anodised black. In the US, you get both of these – as well as the option of a rather fetching anodised purple finish, too. An optional clamping ring is also available for those that would rather effect a ‘bolt-in’ solution.

Prices from £181.25 inc VAT with more information from ENDS.