I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Dave Walker for many years and he’s done a couple of jobs for us on our project cars – GTM Spyder and our current Abster, with the latter’s K-Series engine now making around 198bhp from its 1.8-litre VVC, thanks to Jenvey throttle bodies and one of Dave’s Emerald M3D K6 mappable ECUs.

Indeed, along with Omex, Can Ems and DTA FAST, plenty of kitcar owners use those systems on their cars, with great success. The K6 has been on our engine for three-years now and has been 100 per cent reliable in all that time.

Well, talking to Dave the other day he told me about the new improved K6 + unit, which has all of the features of the K6 but adds many functions including being compatible for engines of one to twelve cylinders, triple live map-switching, twin Lambda inputs for V-twin engines, double injector control, fourteen different trigger patterns, launch and traction control and a direct link to AIM and Race Technology digital dashboards to name but a few benefits over the K6.

Priced at £834 inc VAT the package includes base map, comms lead and software.

More information from www.emeraldm3d.com ENDS.