There are a number of companies from the Far East offering poor quality ‘Lucas style’ reproduction rear lights for the Classic Mini. Fortunately, Mini Spares can now offer the real thing – high quality Lucas-style lamps made in the UK from the original and genuine tooling. (although these lamps are made from original Lucas tooling the new Mini Spares versions cannot carry the Lucas logo as the trademark was sold to a third-party company several years ago).

The Mk1 Mini rear lamps are made exactly as the originals were with chromed pot-metal bases. These are perfect for replacing original lamps whose bases have developed pock-marks.

They come complete with base, sockets, lamps, lens and gaskets and you can order as 13H223 for right hand and 13H222 for left hand. Both retail at £37.98 each inc VAT.
These complete rear light units are also ideal for giving kitcars the Sixties period look.

The Mk2 and 3 Lamps are available as the red and amber versions or red and amber with clear reversing lights. The assemblies include bulbs, frames and the body rubber seal.
For red and amber style order as 13H6479 for right hand and 13H6480 for left hand. Both retail at £50.40 each inc VAT.
For red and amber style with clear reversing lights order as XFB101200 for right hand and XFB101210 for left hand. Both retail at £46.25 each inc VAT.
Don’t be taken in by cheap imported reproductions when the real thing is so readily available at affordable prices.

For more details call 01707 607 700 or visit ENDS.