The colder the air is in an engine’s intake charge the better. Cold air is denser than hot air and contains more oxygen molecules, which makes for a better and more efficient burn that in turn helps create more horsepower.

To assist with keeping your engine’s intake charge as cold as possible DEI has introduced the Cool Cover Gold™ – Air Tube Cover Kit.

Cool Cover Gold™ is manufactured from high temperature metalised polyamide lamination, bonded to a robust heat-treated glassfibre base material that will protect and keep components cool in the heat soaked engine compartment environment.

It features a hook and loop closure along the open edges for easy installation and is able to reflect direct heat up to 800˚F (427˚C) making it the perfect choice to keep air intakes cool and protected and will fit air intake tubes up to 28in (71.1cm) long and 3in–4in (7.62-10.16cm) in diameter. It is easy to cut or trim as necessary and at just .031in (0.7874 cm) thick takes up negligible space around the intake tube.

Cool Cover Gold has been tested and proved to FSTM 191.5100 and ASTM D1117 standards.

Order directly from DEI in the USA or find your nearest dealer at ENDS