A simple idea, but one that makes measuring the thickness of your brake pads a breeze! No need to remove the wheels and even if you cannot see the pad material, this Brake Pad Thickness Gauge from Laser Tools (part number 6678) lets you check the amount of pad material remaining in a matter of seconds.

Simply locate the end of this lightweight aluminium gauge against the surface of the brake disc and then slide back the measuring peg until it stops against the back plate of the brake pad. Then read off the thickness of the pad material in millimetres or be advised by the green/amber/red traffic-light symbol as to whether you need to replace the brake pads or not.

Offers a quick and easy reference to brake pad condition and available now from your Laser Tools stockist at a typical price of £24.24 inc VAT. Remember to check for the best price and special offers.

More details from www.lasertools.co.uk ENDS.