Sealey’s New Schumacher® promotion is out now and valid until February 28, 2018. Their partnership with Schumacher® has enabled them to extend their range of battery chargers and jump starters and bring the latest technology to the UK. Schumacher® is renowned for being the largest manufacturer of battery chargers in the world, with an 85 per cent share of the American battery charger market.

Schumacher® chargers feature patented ‘Speed Charge’ technology enabling them to safely charge a battery three times faster than a conventional product. They feature a micro-processor controlled ‘maintenance mode’ enabling them to be left connected indefinitely to the battery, and to continually monitor and maintain the battery without causing any damage, thus creating a Faster – Safer – Smarter range.

The range also includes professional RoadStarts®, which use a high-performance battery with exceptional power delivery. The 2000 charge/dis-charge compares favourably to a regular battery’s life-cycle of 500 times, and in tests it has been proven that the battery in these units is capable of making 50 per cent more starts than cheaper alternatives.

These Roadstarts® are the first emergency jump starters available on the market with DEKRA approval. With professional grade, high performance AGM batteries they are specially-designed to jump-start vehicles with AGM, calcium, lead acid and sealed lead acid batteries. Models PBI2212S & PBI4424S are fitted with 99.9 per cent copper cables, which provides a more effective conductor and stays flexible to -40°. Full spike and surge protection as well as reverse polarity alarms are standard on these models and all controls are recessed to protect them from damage, should the unit get knocked or fall over.

The Schumacher promotion® also includes Lithium Jump Starters, which benefit from being compact and lightweight, yet providing high amperage output, which is ideal for vehicles of all types. These units are fitted with USB outlets for charging accessories such as mobile phones, tablets etc.

Sealey’s Schumacher promotion features their New Hybrid Ultra Capacitor Starters, models SHY900S & SHY1200S. Innovative capacitor technology incorporating a 11.1v 2200mAh lithium battery pack to energise unit when the vehicle battery is not sufficient to energise capacitors. Simply connect to a flat vehicle battery and the unit will draw power from it and energise itself fully in a matter of minutes.

Full power is then safely put back through the starting system, jump starting the vehicle. If the vehicle battery is faulty or is holding less than 5-volts these units can also be pre-charged via an internal lithium battery pack, another vehicle’s battery or a 12V accessory lead.

The internal lithium battery can hold charge while not in use. Compact and lightweight, designed for portability, easier handling and storage, yet still delivers the same result as heavy, bulky, lead acid battery equivalents. The capacitors in these units have a 1,000,000-cycle life making them ideal for both professional mechanics and DIY-users.

Copies of the Schumacher promotion are available from your local stockist or alternatively you can view online at ENDS.