The world’s first Home Brew car wax kit is perhaps the greatest in a long line of innovative creations from the champions of hand-made car care, Dodo Juice. The ultimate gift for car lovers puts the lucky recipient firmly in the driving seat, enabling them to make a high performance, Dodo Juice wax on their own, using their stove at home!

Inside the stunning presentation tin, you’ll find all the necessary ingredients to simply and easily make a 250ml jar of premium car wax, including the finest Brazilian carnauba wax, pure white beeswax and special Dodo extract (a combination of solvent and fortifiers). All of these ingredients have been calculated, measured and prepared beforehand. Simply mix the contents together in the glass jar provided, heat up the mixture on your hob at home and get your stir on. And best of all, there’s no washing up… the wax mixture never leaves the jar.

Twenty-four hours later (to allow for cooling time) and adventurous home brewers haven’t just had a bit of fun. They’ve made a 250ml jar of their very own, honey scented, Dodo Juice car wax, capable of providing a lustrous shine and up to three months of wax protection to car bodywork. Using the labelling kit supplied, the owner even gets to name it, too.

Suitable for anyone over the age of 14, the Dodo Juice Home Brew Wax Kit is a new and innovative gift for car loving dads, husbands and sons – especially if they are ‘hard to buy for’. Because it’s the only product of its kind in the world, they won’t have been given one before!

The kit will be distributed via specialist car care resellers and online storefronts, like Amazon. Customers will need to be quick, though. At just £39.95 RRP, trade pre-orders have been significant to date and retail stocks won’t last long.

The Dodo Juice Home Brew Wax Kit wears a retail price of £39.95 with more information from ENDS.