The importance of treating exposed metal parts with a good corrosion prevention compound has been acknowledged by the automotive community for many years.

With endorsements from the AA, Honda Racing and Agusta Westland (helicopters), as well as former Wheeler Dealers co-presenter, Edd China (now an official brand ambassador) XCP Professional has developed a range of lubricating and protective products that will appeal to professional and DIY mechanics, fabricators and car owners looking to protect every inch of their pride and joy from the elements.

Rust Blocker’s natural flow provides great coverage and, critically for cars, allows it to penetrate into seams and other hard to reach places. It can be sprayed, wiped or brushed on and forms a long-lasting barrier that protects all steel, metal and alloy parts from the effects of rust and corrosion. Once applied, exposed metal surfaces, such as engine components, suspension units, chassis, box sections, chrome, shafts, brackets, as well as workshop tools and equipment, are completely protected.

During accelerated corrosion testing using the salt fog test – a standardised corrosion test method, used to check corrosion resistance of materials and surface coatings – XCP Rust Blocker out-performed and outlasted all competitor products. Something managing director, Scott Sutherland, is extremely proud of: “It’s really satisfying to put our products to the test in the lab against established names in the market and come out on top. We set out to create the best corrosion protection on the market and we’ve achieved it, not just marginally, but by a long way.

“We’re a British company and all of our product development and manufacturing takes place right here in Dunbar. That means we know only too well what damage the weather here can do – especially in the winter, but also in spring where salt residue from the colder months is still prevalent on the roads.”

Part of the XCP Professional range, previously only available in trade markets, Rust Blocker is formulated on years of experience tackling corrosion protection and prevention in the most demanding of industrial applications around the world. A soft corrosion protection compound, it does not cure to a hard finish, but will dry to a long-lasting, clear and flexible film that resists cracking.

Available from Frost Restoration, Amazon, The Parts Alliance and many more automotive outlets, with prices starting at £14 inc VAT.

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